santo stefano di sessanio

The good habits of yore

Get in the tub, relax and enjoy all the benefits of a hot bath…

Modern life is so stressful that we feel exhausted and nervous at the end of the day.
It feels like we have no more time for ourselves, which is also proved by some habits that are more and more widespread.
For example, having a shower instead of a bath in order to save time.
Yet a relaxing bath would be perfect for relaxing and we could enjoy all its benefits.

For example, if you just want to enjoy some moments of pure relaxation and devote time to yourselves (before dining or before going to bed after a day of hard work) you can use warm water (37 Celsius degrees would be perfect) and create a relaxed atmosphere with essential oils, incense, candles and relaxing music.

Instead, if you struggle to wake up or know that you are going to face a particularly busy day, you can use water at room temperature with essential oil of rosemary, lavender and eucalyptus: you will feel incredibly energetic!

Or you could enjoy an emollient bath, which is perfect for irritated, reddened or chapped skin. You just have to add rice starch and almond flour and complete the “decoration” with rose petals and elder flowers.

Is there something better than a holiday to enjoy a relaxing bath?
Sextantio can offer you all the relaxation you deserve as well as a pleasant experience out of time. In fact, the rooms of our hotel have beautiful bathtubs with an attractive design, in harmony with the room style. You will have the opportunity to go through the ancient ritual of having a bath: you will use traditional pitchers to pour the water on your hair. Soap is instead homemade as well as candles and many other details that create a unique atmosphere.
Your experience will be definitely unforgettable!
Now you have an excellent pretext for being in a hurry: book now!


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