santo stefano di sessanio

The fireplace

Around the fireplace the family gathered to spend time together and chat

Have you ever wondered what our ancestors used to do in the cold winter days, when they had to stay home and when the modern pastimes didn’t exist?
Well… they lighted a fire and the whole family gathered in the same room to keep warm and stay together.

However, besides heating the room, the fireplace also had a series of meanings concerning family values and socialisation.

In fact, it was around the fireplace that the family gathered to spend time together and chat: everyone told what had happened during the day, grandparents told tales, prayers were said and wisdom was imparted.
These moments of socialisation often involved the neighbours as well, who were somehow part of the family.

The fireplace represented the core of domestic life to such a point that when a new house was built, it was unhesitatingly placed in the middle of the longest wall, which was the most spacious place, so it was ideal to accommodate the whole family. Of course, the fireplace was always placed in the kitchen, because it was used also to cook.

Although the fireplace (as many argue) has been substituted with the TV today, we all know or can imagine the magic of the moments spent by the fire, chatting in company.

Since our albergo diffuso was born with the aim of giving guests the opportunity to go back in time, it was predictable that fireplaces would be included in the furnishings.
Still in order to highlight the importance of human relationships, of values and communication, our fireplaces are placed in the convivial living rooms, i.e. common spaces that are shared between two rooms, where guests can share moments, emotions and traditions with their companions, be they friends or relatives.

We would be happy to welcome you to Sextantio, where you can enjoy a special holiday by a crackling fire!


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