unique, unmissable and unimitable!

Every year, at the first blossom of Spring on the Gran Sasso, there is a thick network of associations, institutions, administrations and public bodies that revolve around the Gran Sasso National park to organise a 360° program that takes place all through the summer months, so that there is always activity and entertainment of all kinds for all kinds of holidays: relaxing, thrilling, romantic, fun. We are talking about the Gran Sasso Festival. A fortunate tradition that takes place every year and that has a densely filled up calendar for the coming months.
The initiatives are so many and multifarious that it will almost be impossible to contain them all in our post. Let’s begin with activities in the open. The calendar begins with the running race Corre Peltuinum and continues with a huge number of excursions of all kinds, like for example the one on the transhumance route. Then there are excursions to observe the floral emergencies or the one on the romantic night climb under the moonlight on the Trimoggia mountain, or discovering the thrill of birdwatching…. but there are so many things to look into that we advise you look them up on the Gran Sasso Festival official website!

Sport is always a constant guest here on the Gran Sasso and whether you be professionals or simple amateurs, you will find canoe courses or outings on mountain bikes or on horse-back just for you.

On the 12th July you cannot miss the night-time excursion from Santo Stefano to Rocca Calascio. A stroll along the Italian Little Tibet that will leave you flabbergasted.
There are also many manual and physical laboratories both for adults and children like the traditional dance or theatre ones or the one on the ancient art of bobbin lace, or on how to make soap, rediscovering ancient crafts or taking a course on harmonic singing or going to a harp concert in the Botanical Gardens… no way you can be bored!
There will also be courses on breathing and pranayama for lovers of meditation and oriental disciplines. An unmissable chance to feel part of a greater whole and breath with the earth. You can also take part in the “Paesaggio corporeo” (corporal landscape) laboratory where the natural environment becomes a metaphor to discover your inner world and improve self-awareness and the awareness of our surroundings.
The many locations of all these initiatives are all over the park. Therefore, wherever you are there will always be a nice activity you can do while enjoying the marvellous view of some of the most beautiful and ancient villages in Italy.