santo stefano di sessanio

The bridle-path of the Gran Sasso

ippovia gran sasso

innovation at the service of nature

There is a route in the Gran Sasso National park that takes you on a 360° journey around its splendours. We are talking about the bridle-path of the Gran Sasso. A round artificial route 300 km long, designed and made according to the most innovative environmental engineering techniques, in the full respect of local materials in the attempt to give value to the natural environment at best. The route goes all around the park so you can start at any given point. It has been created by restructuring ancient routes, paths and dirt roads with its typical drywalls and wooden fences.
The long itinerary is dedicated to horse lovers ans excursions on horse-back, as the name suggests. The good thing is that you can travel on all or on part of it on mountain bikes or on foot as well.
You will be able to see springs and drinking troughs that have been restored to give refreshment to animals, equipped areas for the comfort of visitors, signs that indicate natural and historic splendours, and many hostels where you can taste the local gastronomy.

Imagine the beauty of being on horse-back, feeling one with the animal, immersed in a naturalistic route among the most beautiful ones in Italy with an exclusive view of the park and its treasures.

There are many interesting points along the bridle-path and we will leave you with the pleasure of discovering them. We will just limit ourselves to describing the path on our side. It passes through the ancient Barony of Carapelle with the famous villages of Santo Stefano, Cestelvecchio Calvisio, Castel del Monte, Calascio, Barisciano and the powerful centre of Capestrano. Our part of the route highlights all the uniqueness of the great historic and artistic heritage of our villages: castles, abbeys and fortified towns. Along the bridle-path you can enjoy the pleasure of leaving the indicated path and go further into the historic centres protected for centuries by the Gran Sasso. But fear not, the landscape is still breathtaking. For example, the lake of Campotosto or the cultivated fields along the top of the mountains. And we can’t of course forget the gastronomical delicacies: the lentils of Santo Stefano, the saffron, the Pecorino cheese and many other products that you can only taste here.
The good thing about this route is that it gives you the utmost freedom to start from wherever you like, travel through it as you wish and at the pace you prefer so you can relish the respect for the environment, the sense of history and invigorate your spirit enjoying the relaxing feeling that only contact with nature gives you.


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