santo stefano di sessanio

Ancient natural remedies

n the past, people had a totally different approach to nature, which allowed them to gain many advantages from it

The ancient people of Abruzzo saw nature as a mother who perfectly knows how to take care of her children.
It’s precisely from nature that our ancestors got the elements and the ingredients to produce drugs. In fact nature was referred to as “the pharmacy of God”.
For example, an infusion of rosemary and fermented wine was used to purify the gums, while the violet juice was known for its purgative effects. Elder flowers, fennel and sage were used to produce a distillate that relieved the eye pain, while the earache was cured with a mix of pumpkin juice and olive oil.
Sores were treated with a flour obtained from broad beans, while an ointment prepared with olive oil was used to relieve redness.
Nosebleed was blocked with cyclamen juice, hiccup with a syrup of poppies and barley.
In short, men were in perfect harmony with nature.
In reality this still applies to many areas of Abruzzo.
In our Tisaneria, for example, some of these natural ingredients are still used to prepare delicious infusions.
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