santo stefano di sessanio

A holiday with the sweet touch


Pastries typical of L’Aquila

Get that sweet smell walking through the old streets of the Abruzzo capital? It’s a bakery or cakemaker’s that’s baking cakes just for you. Just follow that fragrance, let yourself be bewitched by its sweetness. Done that? Come in.

Aside from all the other delights that can be found in other areas of Abruzzo like ‘bocconotti, it’s probably these few cakes below that you’ll find in the province of L’Aquila, that will liven up your holiday and make it really special.

The ‘Feratella’ is a typical cake that looks like waffle, made from biscuit pastry and cooked in a ribbed waffle iron so give it that typical ribbed appearance.

Ferratelle get their name from their diamond-shaped, or gate-like criss-cross pattern. Sometimes this cake comes rolled up like a tube and filled with jam, traditionally with raisins, but also with custard or chocolate creme. You already want to try it, right?!

One cake that you really must try during your stay is ‘L’Aquila Chocolate Torrone Tenero’ – soft chocolate nougat – typical of L’Aquila, this nougat in its stick shape, is different from the classical nougat from Cremona, due to its cocoa content and its soft texture and its fine edible, wafer wrapping.

‘Sassi d’Abruzzo’ – Abruzzo Stones – so-called because they actually look like stones, are made with sugar-coated toasted almonds – the essence of Gran Sasso mountain right to your table!

‘Abruzzo Soffioni’ – Abruzzo Puffs – are sweet little tarts made with a pastry very similar to shortbread, made with oil, and containing a delicious mixture of cheese and egg. The softness of the pastry and the strong taste, almost salty from the the filling, usually ricotta, make this delicious smelling cake truly irresistible. The filling is the part that changes from area to area: in L’Aquila it’s flavoured with saffron, the typical spice of this region.

We are sure that cakes are going to be the first souvenir on your list to take home with you.
It you fancy having a go yourself at making these deserts and lots of other things, the Sextantio hotel complex would be pleased to organise a personal Abruzzo cooking course, ending with a delicious tasting of the results.
We look forward to seeing you!


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