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Local fauna

Don’t miss the chance to discover the enchanting fauna of Abruzzo!

Tourists who choose to spend their holidays in Abruzzo will certainly experience intense feelings.
Besides the spectacular sceneries, the warm atmosphere suggestive of Medieval towns and the delicious taste of traditional food, the region is a true paradise for people who love nature and animals.
If you belong to this category, we think you should absolutely visit the Gran Sasso and Monti della Laga National Park, a peaceful, unspoiled place where you can feel a sense of complete harmony with nature.
During your visit (better if it is a guided one), you can catch sight of many enchanting animals.

The existence of the park also made it possible to avoid the extinction of precious species, such as the Italian wolf, which risked becoming extinct in the 80s. The danger was escaped thanks to a massive and intensive campaign aimed at raising awareness.

It was a considerable achievement, because the wolf is an important link in the food chain, since it creates an optimum balance between preys and predators.

It is also an animal particularly difficult to see, because it tends to run away when there are men nearby. However, you can hear its howls, especially if you take part in an evening excursion.

There are also other predators, such as the golden eagle, a majestic bird that can also reach a 2-meter wingspan (especially among female specimens). The protection of this species is very important as well, because its habitat is constantly threatened by human activities such as hunting or the construction of tourist infrastructures.

Chamois, roes, deer, hawks and owls are other animals that will make your experience truly special.

We would be glad to welcome you to Sextantio, our hotel set in a Medieval town, from which you can easily reach the park and many other interesting attractions in Abruzzo.


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