santo stefano di sessanio

The craft beer

Newer and newer ways to get warm and to create a warm atmosphere

In the magnificent mountain sceneries, such as those that you can admire in Abruzzo, the temperatures are always lower than those reached in the flat areas. That’s why the local populations had to find newer and newer ways to get warm and to create a warm atmosphere.
What is better than a small drink?
Inter alia, Abruzzo boasts quality products.
Just think of its fine wines (here is a post about Montepulciano d’Abruzzo), but also of its excellent liquors (such as Centerba and Genziana).

Moreover, since the first years of 2000, the region has experienced a boom in the production of craft beer. In fact, the raw materials are abundant: spring water, wheat, honey, grape must, lavender, camomile and saffron are all excellent ingredients that Abruzzo doesn’t lack!

Even if not deep-rooted, the tradition of beer making has reached major goals and Abruzzo has even outdone regions with a more ancient tradition and with a higher number of breweries.
We are talking about the prizes that the Slow Food organisation have given to some regional brewery according to different criteria: quality, respect for the environment, organoleptic value, promotion of the local history…

Still the Slow Food organisation has examined 16 breweries of Abruzzo. What turned out, inter alia, is that 5 of them are run by women, which is a peculiarity compared to the rest of Italy.

In short, craft beers are enjoying great success and the number of brewers at a regional level is constantly increasing.
Several festivals are also organized to celebrate craft beer, such as the one that took place last spring in L’Aquila, which also included visits to local breweries, brewing courses, tastings (of food as well), craft beer stands and live music.

So, this is another pretext for visiting wonderful Abruzzo and for tasting not only renowned wines, but also excellent craft beers.
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