santo stefano di sessanio

The Gran Sasso National Park

The Perfect Break

The perfect break for hikers, backpackers, lovers of food and nature, or families looking for fun or relaxation. A great time awaits you at the Gran Sasso National Park and Monti della Laga.
In central Italy, deep in the heart of the Apennines, in the oldest and most pristine forests, there is an adventure waiting for you. The huge park protects many species of animals and plants of great interest, such as the Italian wolf and the Apennine brown bear, the silver fir and the adonis vernalis, and offers guided tours and experiences for all ages and tastes.
Throughout the year there are guided tours on the beaten track but also excursions that give you the chance to try your hand at rock climbing or experience the thrill of camping on the mountain at night, like the shepherds. There are also workshops for children to learn about the plants and animals of the forest, and also about its history and traditional culture, such as pottery, for example. There’s no shortage of cooking classes where you can learn traditional recipes, appreciate the fine products of the region, and learn the art of baking, or ancient crafts like candle making and weaving.

The vast territory of the National Park is a microcosm in which everything, man and nature, live together in perfect symbiosis and harmony.

Respect for all species of animals and plants, goes hand in hand with the respect and appreciation for the traditions and culture of Abruzzo. The inhabitants of the municipalities and provinces that fall within the Park are proud of their roots and try not only to protect what they have, but also not to contaminate it.
Santo Stefano di Sessanio, one of the most beautiful towns in Italy, perched on the south slope of Gran Sasso, with a small lake which mirrors its splendour, has for centuries defended the area’s natural wonders. In this place, inhabited by a hundred people, time seems to stand still, everything has remained just as in the glorious times of counts and princesses, and sometimes you seem to feel the breath of the mountain between the houses. There are also many other villages in the park that you can visit. Each offers activities to do with the natural wonders of the area, its biodiversity, and the chance to relax immersed in the peace, the greenery and the history.
Come and discover the wonders of the National Park of Gran Sasso! See you there!


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