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Homemade jam

If you want to experience the tradition of Abruzzo, try the local homemade grape jam, a product that women anciently used to make in autumn.

Breakfast is really important to face the day with the right spirit. Each of us chooses what to eat in the morning depending on personal tastes, but certain foods are no doubt more suitable than others to start the day with the right mix of taste and energy.

Jams are no doubt among the most popular products consumed at breakfast. At our “Locanda sotto gli Archi” you can also taste organic preserves prepared with local fruits. Or you can savour sweets stuffed with jam at our Tisaneria, for example after an enjoyable excursion.

Formerly, jams were made at home.

In autumn, for example, the women of Abruzzo used to make the “scrucchiata”, a preserve prepared with the delicious grapes from Montepulciano.

It is a product really delicious and with a unique taste. Still today, many people make this preserve at home, following the traditional recipe of our ancestors and going back in time for a while.

According to the original method, the grapes must be detached from the stalk, washed carefully and squeezed one by one, in order to separate the skin from the pulp and the seeds: the skins are put in a bowl, while the pulp and the seeds are put in a fine-mesh colander and pressed, in order to extract the juice. The juice is then blended with the skins, creating a compound that is made to boil until the final product is ready. The recipe is usually natural, but it is recommended to add some sugar to avoid the growth of moulds.

The preserve can be consumed at breakfast or as a snack, it can be used to stuff Christmas sweets, it can be eaten with walnuts and almonds and it can also accompany some cheeses.

As Always, in Abruzzo you can experience the most authentic traditions.
Which is exactly the purpose of Sextantio, our albergo diffuso.
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