Suite - abruzzo

Il Pagliaio

It constits of a convivial living room in exclusive use with scenic fireplace, kitchenette and pantry. Upstairs bedroom with bath shower, plank hardwood flooring, from the balcony views over mountains. Separate bathroom.

hotel abruzzo
hotel abruzzo


Exclusive convivial living room
1 king size bed and 1 single bed
Wool mattress on a wooden plank which is based on a wrought iron structure
4 pillows
Cotton sheets
Hand-woven wool blanket with patterns from the regional tradition
Towels and hand towels
Handcrafted candles
Saponaccio for bath tub
Handcrafted shampoo
Natural handmade soaps
Daily housekeeping service
Water in the room
Liquor in the convivial living room
Kitchen with induction hob
Private entrance

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