Superior Room

A charming 70 m2 cave with big vaults, a cosy living area lit by a skilfully hand-wrought glass window, an original stone sink and a bathtub located in the relaxation area.
A romantic 45 m2 cave equipped with a bathtub next to the king size bed. A front door made with centuries-old woods marks the lavatory area, which spots a gorgeous small window above the sink.
A cosy 70 m2 cave featuring a third bed, a wide and bright living area and a bathtub next to the king size bed. A tuff stone arch introduces the lavatory, which includes toilet services and a sink mounted on a protruding stone.
A romantic and wide 65 m2 cave with a bathtub in a cosy recess you can access by walking up a few steps. The lavatory is housed inside a third detached space.
A fanciful and romantic 70 m2 cave with a private small gate. A spectacular arch divides the night zone from the other area, equipped with a cosy bathtub and a genuine stone sink. An intact and cosy recess houses the lavatory.
A wide and well-lit 70 m2 cave with a bathtub next to the king size bed and a shower housed in an excavated tuff stone recess. It features an original stone sink, while the lavatories are housed in a cosy and detached environment you access through a wooden door.
A comfortable and well-lit 45 m2 cave equipped with a bathtub and lavatories housed in a wide and truly genuine environment still displaying its original flooring and a period cistern. Sextantio Le Grotte della Civita in Matera.

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