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We want to share with you the beautiful testimonial of a guest who decided to write about his experience in Santo Stefano di Sessanio, the splendid Medieval Town in Abruzzo.

The beauty of Santo Stefano di Sessanio is an authentic source of inspiration.
The pleasant strolls through the alleys and the medieval atmosphere gave me the opportunity to fully appreciate the project that Sextantio conceived and carried out, turning a medieval town in Abruzzo into an exclusive hotel. It’s a veritable gem!
From the very first glance, it is clearly evident that everything was realised with strong passion and dedication: the scenery is spectacular and gets straight to your heart.
By the time I booked my stay, I knew I had chosen an attractive hotel and I expected a lovely holiday. What I didn’t expect was instead to find a truly magical world, surreal and out of time!

This experience literally revolutionised my idea of holidays.

Every detail is a precious opportunity for going back in time, diving into local traditions and getting a fascinating glimpse of the life of yesteryear.
Mr. Massimo explained me that almost all the original elements were preserved according to the philosophy of “conservative restoration”, aimed at reproducing an environment as faithful as possible to the traditional lifestyle.
This conversation took place because one morning, after I woke up and got out of bed barefoot, I noticed that the floor was pleasantly warm.
Mr. Massimo told me that the modern heating system was installed beneath the floor: the original stone slabs were removed and then, after the works had been finished, rearranged exactly as they were before.
In the rooms, the stone and the wood dominate the scene, recreating the contact with nature.
I must confess that I initially feared this would mean “humid room”, but everything was perfect in this respect, too.
Simple furniture, soft light, the scent of handmade candles, the pleasant fragrance of wood… everything contributes to making the room “surreal”.
The wool matrasses are handmade and the same goes for blankets, each of which is hand-woven with the typical patterns of the local tradition.
The closet doors emanate a delicate fragrance of wood and the windows have no handles: they can be opened with a gentle push and closed by pulling a cord.
Even mirrors contribute to creating a magical atmosphere with their scratches and their imperfections that prove how ancient the times they come from are!
Having a bath turns into a ritual, as it happened in the past, because the tub doesn’t have a shower head, but a water jug: it was very pleasant to be “compelled” to spend some moments only for myself and appreciate the quality of homemade soap.
Also the bathroom is faithful to the traditional domestic environment: it consists of a space obtained through the use of a room divider. It’s a strange thing to say, but even the toilet paper roll, kept closed by a piece of twine, has its beauty.
In short, this experience has totally enchanted me, to such a point that I gave up technology to better enjoy every single detail.
Initially, I didn’t even notice that there was no TV in my room: if I’ve assimilated well the principles underlying their philosophy, I think I can tell why! It must be another way to favour human relationships and make the experience even more genuine and authentic.
This would explain perfectly the presence of a convivial living room: a common space where you can enjoy authentic moments with your companions, in front of a fireplace while, between a chatter and the other, you pour rosolio into the glasses you find wrapped in the paper, on the table.

What else?!… I just wanted to share this extraordinary experience with you! If you are looking for an out-of-the-ordinary holiday, visit this splendid Medieval town in Abruzzo!
I guarantee you that the memory of Santo Stefano di Sessanio will never leave you…


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