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The specialities of the Abruzzo greengrocer


Potatoes, tomatoes, carrots

Abruzzo is a region that is particularly appropriate for growing vegetables.

There are some native varieties that we warmly advise you to try, like the curly kale, a kind of native turnip found in the Majella Park, the Cupello artichokes, the Fucino carrots, the Abruzzo pear tomato and the princes of our tables, the Fucino potato, the Turchesa potato that grows in the Gran Sasso and Laga Mountain National Park, and the red potato from the Majella National Park
The IGP Fucino Plateau Carrot has a typically cylindrical shape with a rounded tip and has an intense orange colour.

Its pulp is crunchy and tasty. It contains a lot of trace elements and good nutrients.
The “Turchesa” potato takes its name from its particular violet colour and is produced and sold in the Gran Sasso – Laga Mountain park. Unfortunately, nowadays it is only bred by a few farmers in the Laga mountains that are trying to enhance its production seeing as it is perfect for gnocchi. Its rare and unique taste can be appreciated at best when it is steamed with all its peel or baked in the oven.

The Avezzano potato comes from the L’Aquila area, where documents report it to have been cultivated since the 1700s.
It has a round-oval shape, an irregular peel and a light or red colour: the intense yellow colour of the pulp stays the same even after cooking. It contains very little water therefore cooks completely, maintaining all its taste and properties.

The Majella red potato is a native potato that is mainly grown in the province of Chieti. It has an oval shape and its peel is red. It is ideal for polenta, gnocchi or for a simple purée.

The Abruzzo pear tomato was included in the national register of ancient horticultural species of Abruzzo, in July 2013.
This tomato has a funny shape because of its many red-green wedges. It is easy to grow, the taste has a good balance between sweet and sour, it has an excellent fleshy pulp and very few seeds. Due to these characteristics, the Abruzzo pear tomato is excellent both cooked, for tomato sauce, or raw, in salads.
The good horticultural specialities of Abruzzo are many and acknowledged all around the world. Don’t miss the chance to taste the local vegetables used in the most traditional and ancient recipes of our land.


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