santo stefano di sessanio

Discovering our ancestors’ business

An overview on the traditional crafts of Abruzzo… to trace the history of this enchanting region.

The technology available today is extremely sophisticated and allows us to live in great comfort.
Many human activities can be performed by machinery, even surgical operations!
But then… what will become of ancient crafts? We can’t risk losing them, because they underlie our tradition.

Long ago, crafts were highly specialized.

Some were seasonal, other were practised throughout the year; some craftsmen were peddlers, other had their own workshop.

Of course, depending on the geographical location, each region had a prevailing activity (breeding, farming, fishing, etc.)

Breeding, for example, required different figures: farmers and cheese makers dealt with milking and cheese making, tanners tanned and sold leather, shearers sheared the wool off of sheep and stockmen procured water for livestock or gathered wood to build corrals, etc.

As regards peddlers, they sold wares or provided services by putting their skills at the service of people. For example, they repaired housewares or working equipment. There were also figures that were not strictly necessary, such as jugglers, musicians or fortune-tellers.

Among the most widespread craftsmen in Abruzzo, we must mention woodcarvers, umbrella makers, barrel makers, stonecutters, dragée makers, glaziers, button makers, leather carvers, dyers, but also many other.

Goldsmiths, blacksmiths working wrought iron, carpenters working with ebony and potters were craftsmen who learned their crafts in a workshop.

All these crafts also gave birth to some objects that became symbols of Abruzzo, such as the “guitar” to make macaroni and the copper pot, used to carry the water when there was no water network.

Weaving and lacework are widespread activities still today.

So… would you like to experience that kind of lifestyle?
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