santo stefano di sessanio

The traditional sweets of Abruzzo

Abruzzo you can also have “sweet” surprises

Besides enjoying ancient traditions, in Abruzzo you can also have “sweet” surprises!
The traditional sweets of Abruzzo are countless: some are prepared on the occasion of specific festivities or periods of the year, other are constant elements of the local tradition.

The latter category includes the “ferratelle”, a local version of German “Waffeln” (or Belgian “gaufres”). Basically, they are wafers with a crispy surface and a soft inside.

The name of this sweet derives from the device used to prepare it, i.e. the “iron” (the Italian word for “iron” is “ferro”). The device consists of a pair of plates that coincide perfectly when one of them is superimposed upon the other. Both plates are carved in relief with a checkered pattern (or a diamond pattern), which gives the final product the peculiar appearance of a checkerboard.

Regionally, these sweets are also called “pizzelle”, “catarrette”, “neole” or “cancellate”.

Of course, each area of the region has its own variants: some ingredients are different, the consistency changes (they are more or less soft) and so does the way that they are served. In some areas, for example, the “ferratelle” are stuffed and rolled.

They can be eaten alone or with jam, cream or chocolate.

This traditional product is so deeply rooted in the tradition of Abruzzo that in the XVIII century people used to engrave the owner initials or the family coat of arms or the manufacturing date on both plates. Moreover, most families of Abruzzo had an “iron” and it was usually the bride that brought it with the rest of her dowry.

The recipe to prepare the mixture to cook between the plates contains eggs, sugar, flour, olive oil, baking powder and grated lemon zest.

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