santo stefano di sessanio

Tradition and authentic tastes

At Sextantio, you can taste some of the most typical dishes of Abruzzo!

When it comes to folk traditions, it’s unavoidable to talk about typical food.
In fact, the cuisine of a certain region is unique and inimitable exactly because the ingredients and the products used are available only in that specific area.

That’s why traditional food is another element through which we give our guests the opportunity to fully experience local tradition.

At Locanda Sotto Gli Archi, the restaurant in our albergo diffuso, you can taste many dishes that are typical of the local tradition.
In order to make the experience as authentic as possible, we have entrusted the local Museo delle Genti d’Abruzzo (“Museum of the peoples of Abruzzo”) with the duty of carrying out research on traditional folk cuisine.
Based on the findings, we have worked out a menu that includes traditional dishes prepared only with local ingredients, such as spelt, lentils, saffron, dill and parsnip.
You just have to book your stay and enjoy the authentic taste of Abruzzo.
We hope to see you soon in Santo Stefano di Sessanio!


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