santo stefano di sessanio

Medieval tales and legends

The tales and the legends of a certain period are precious means to understand the general feeling of those times.

Still today, Santo Stefano di Sessanio keeps the charm and the sense of mystery of the Middle Ages.
That period was characterized by a sense of disquiet, due to the reasons that we all learned from our history books. This general feeling affected every aspect of reality. That’s why that era became full of magic tales, interest in paranormal activities, imaginary or mythological creatures, some of which aimed at explaining certain phenomena from a metaphorical point of view.
Sleep paralysis is an example. It is a state of drowsiness that makes it difficult to move or speak.
In the Middle Ages, they thought that this condition was caused by the maleficence of ghostly beings who disturbed sleeping people.
Well… similar creatures also exist in the tradition of Abruzzo. They are called “Pandafeche”, figures dressed in white, with demoniac eyes and a long, pointed nose.

But don’t worry! We decided to talk about these theme just to share the traditions of Abruzzo with you.
No “Pandafeche” will disturb your peaceful sleep in the exclusive rooms of Sextantio!
We hope to meet you soon!


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