santo stefano di sessanio

Wines from Abruzzo


A voyage into taste

We bet that in the few minutes it takes for you to read this post we will make you feel like tasting one of the wines we propose? Ready? Go.
Close your eyes and let’s begin this voyage into taste. We are in Sessanio, in our cellar. The air is dense with the perfume of wood burning in the fireplace. The lights are warm and dim, the stone walls remind us of a childhood made of freshly baked bread, grandmothers and hide and seek, when we stole the keys to the cellar to eat a few dried tomatoes or some figs or the utmost thrill, secretly drinking from the barrel of new wine.

The wine, delight of the gods and of Mediterranean men, sweet, full-bodied, inebriating that has all the perfumes of the land that grows it, of time that matures it, of the hand that loves it for months before freeing it from the bottle and finally emanating its history on the palate.

Abruzzo is the land of high quality wines, among the best in Italy. Here the land is uncontaminated, the wind gently blows on the hills and on the vines. Here haste is unknown and time is precious but generous. The grapes are still harvested by knowing hands and crushed at the right moment. The young wines celebrated with great banquets fit for Dionysus in person. Lastly it is sheltered and left to mature in barrels so it can absorb the perfume of flowers, of wood or of spices for months and months.

The voyage from the cellar has just begun. And we fly to Teramo to open the Montepulciano d’Abruzzo DOC and DOCG, cared for like a baby. It cannot be produced above 550m, it only wants the gentle plateaus of Teramo. its vines must be aligned sparsely and the harvest must be made rigorously by hand. It absorbs the aromas of the land and exertion makes it beautiful so that it slides from the lips to the throat with an intense, dry, harmonic and velvety taste.

Open another bottle, smell it: we are setting off again. In Cheti and L’Aquila there is abbundance of the Trebbiano d’Abruzzo, affectionately called Bombino by the locals because loving eyes see the chubby arms of children in its bunches. Its almond aftertaste is an explosion of summer on the palate, a feast for the taste buds.
And there is the Cerasuolo also. Its name is already sweet and fruity. It is gentle and precious. It is so good that its grapes aren’t crushed. The rinds are so thin that you can hardly see them. It is graceful and it accompanies home made pasta or the full bodied cured meats of our land.

The voyage continues and takes us near home to breathe familiar air branded Alto Tirino IGT that includes various wines, all rigorously grown and nurtured by the waters of our river. A river that brings aromas and tastes of fruit, wind, clouds, rocks and wood to the plant so that every sip becomes discovery.

Close the bottle again, drink the last sip in your glass, don’t leave a single drop. The voyage has ended and the bet has maybe been won. See you next time.


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