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Many feasts and initiatives going on in Abruzzo

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The best examples of the region’s gastronomy, traditions and nature take place in this joyful holiday period.

With the coming of the good season, there are many feasts and initiatives going on in Abruzzo. The best examples of the region’s gastronomy, traditions and nature take place in this joyful holiday period.

The ‘sagre’ (feasts dedicated to a particular product) are the main attractions in many towns in the province of L’Aquila where you can taste and buy typical local products. On the 30th June the Oricola program of events begins with the bean sagra that offers all its visitors a tasty menu based on beans and sausages. Next there is the cherry sagra in Raiano on the 3rd June. This event began just after the second world war and it celebrates the harvest of the cherries that is characteristic of this small municipality in the centre of the Peligna valley. In Capistrello around the 28th May, there is the particular ‘ranati’ sagra. This is a dish based on cereals, mainly wheat, corn, chickpeas and beans with pork rind and prosciutto bones.

Pratola Peligna at the foot of the Majella park offers the grilled ‘scottadito’ lamb sagra for meat lovers, together with many other traditional products.

The list of food based events could be much longer, we will conclude with the truffle sagra in Civitella Roveto on the 29th June.

Let’s go on to the folkloristic and cultural events that have roots in the traditions of the people of Abruzzo. Among these there are some really unmissable ones in the months of May and June. The first one is the Daffodil festival in Rocca di Mezzo. For more than sixty years floats completely made out of daffodils that are abundant in this area, parade through the streets of the town. The parade is on the 28th May and celebrates the flower of the Rocche plateau par excellence. A joyful and perfumed occasion to get together.

Sulmona is well worth visiting at the beginning of June. Besides its famous confetti, it is also well known for its ‘Cordesca’, a historic medieval re-enactment that involves the whole city. The main events are the historic parade and the children’s Joust. On that day, the most famous people from medieval Sulmona parade through the streets, while primary and middle school children challenge themselves in a chivalrous joust, receiving honour and glory. A really wonderful show for all ages.

We will conclude our list of events with the extraordinary opening of the ‘cellari’ of Castel del Monte, the ancient houses of the historic centre. The aim of this initiative is to revive the atmosphere, sounds and splendours of these ancient houses, rediscovering the work tools and the crafts and trades of the past that are still present in the memory of the local population.

We will welcome you in Sextantio where you can experience a unique holiday full of local events, feasts and traditions…


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