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May: Excursions in the Gran Sasso National Park


May is the month of luxuriance, of the exploding heat and of perfumes and colours.

Therefore, there is no better period to immerse oneself in nature, touch it, feel it and breath it in. In May the Gran Sasso National Park lies in the centre of Italy like a goddess with her most beautiful gown on. A multicoloured gown made of Adonises, Pasqueflowers, Lentils and thousands of other flowers.

There are many events all around the park, we therefore advise you to keep constantly updated on the official Park website. We would like to suggest some excursions here that promise to be very good, and are simple and adapt for all kinds of visitors. They are organised by specialised associations and expert guides of the territory

On the 7th May, there will be an excursion that starts from the Santo Stefano di Sassania farmyard square, to the fields where the Mountain Pasqueflowers blossom; a very rare plant of the Apennines. On the same day at Castelvecchio Calvisio there will be a guided tour to the evocative town, and in the afternoon a stroll among the Adonis Vernalis plants in full blossom.

The emotional exploration excursions are unmissable and evocative. They are guided explorations to the most spectacular places of the Gran Sasso, retracing the steps of the great explorers and giving particular attention to the natural beauties, the majestic meeting between mountain and sky, in search of inner peace and restoration of the soul. It is a new way to come into contact with ones emotions thanks to the peacefulness of the area.

If you love the thrill of rock-climbing instead, there is also an event just for you! Expert guides will make you experience mountain-climbing on the Bonatti route. Its name comes from the famous mountain-climber of this area. You will have ice-axes, ropes, helmets, crampons and a tent in which to sleep at high altitudes.
For the ‘Parco in Fiore’ (the Park in Blossom) events, we also suggest the Erbolario, a walk in search of spontaneous officinal herbs and plants from ancient legends. It is an excellent occasion to discover the grace of small things, of plants and herbs that we sometimes don’t even know the name of. These walks will take place on the 1st May and on other dates during the summer.

If we travel a few kilometres from Amatrice to the Laga Mountains, you will be able to explore Mount Gorzano on the 8th May. On the 15th there is an excursion to the Chiarino valley and to Lake Provvidenza, very near to the Campotosto reservation. These are ideal routes to pass a day not only immersed in the green and discovering lots of peculiarities of this area and characteristic stories that will make you appreciate the great beauty of the Appennine biodiversity, that never ceases to surprise us, but also to enjoy the company of family and friends, or making new friends even, with lightheartedness and fun.


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