santo stefano di sessanio



The perfect union between identity and tourism

They often say that Italy is all beautiful and that every town is a work of art but the truth is that not everywhere they are conserved and respected. Often the masses of tourists wear out villages originally structured to house a few hundred inhabitants. Here, in Santo Stefano di Sessanio we have decided to make a different choice. We gave traditions, it’s identity and it’s inhabitants a greater priority.

The buildings chosen to create the hotel have not been manipulated at all, neither have we built new structures. We used the original stones, the ancient foundations and walls, which was all we had, and we brought them back to their ancient splendour, knowing that the real resource of our town is that it is an open air museum.

The presence of the ‘albergo diffuso’ is so integrated in the town that it becomes a discrete, quiet, peaceful and relaxing experience, far from the chaos of the great cities. It is ideal for those who are looking for rest and at the same time the great beauties of Italy. The ones that belong to a less known history.

Our love for the sites and for the ancient buildings is also expressed in the continuous restoration works we carry out that didn’t stop us even during the earthquakes, and that enables us to continue to work for you.

The identity of such a small and peaceful place like the village of Santo Stefano di Sessanio, in which everyone knows each other personally, and where tourists are considered guests by everyone, is represented primarily by its inhabitants, by their tales, their smiles and their skillful hands. That’s why we entrusted them to increase our services and we gave the management of many of our activities to people of the place, like the restaurant for example. Every year a course in traditional cuisine is held thanks to a capable housewife of our town. Just like the excursions on the mountain are carried out by local guides.

What we want to offer our guests is a visit that includes all fields of human experience involving all the five senses at the same time: not only seeing beautiful things but also shaking hands, kneading dough, working wool, breathing odours, tasting the cuisine of our homes and listening to stories and tales.
When you will have finished your holiday here, you will think back at the moments spent with us, and we are sure that you will have the impression of having lived in a live museum, but also with the sensation of having been welcomed home by friendly faces. The perfect holiday in the full respect of the identity of our village and of the curious tourists in search of a distracting leisure at the same time.


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