Executive Suite

A spectacular 130 m2 cave with a linear depth layout. Past the wide living area equipped with a king size bed, a large lavatory area extends, featuring an exclusive shower, a stone sink and other traces of the different uses of the cave along the centuries. In a cosy recess a bathtub and a relaxation area are available.
An imposing and spectacular 160 m2 cave with a wide layout. It features 7 m high walls and two large adjoining “Groton” (big caves): one is fully furnished as a night area; the other houses a wide genuine stone sink, the lavatories, an exclusive shower and a bathtub located inside the recess.
Better known as the Bridal Suite, this is the only multi-level cave: its 80 m2 surface is split into a lodged night zone with a big window and a balcony allowing a panoramic view over Parco della Murgia, a living area and a bathtub housed inside a romantic exclusive cave with a fireplace.

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