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Cave 21 | Suite


A 150 m2 family suite with a king size bed and two single beds… more

Cave 20 | Classic Room

grotta matera basilicata

A comfortable and romantic 30 m2 cave equipped with a shower… more

Cave 19 | Suite

grotta suite matera

An ancient 80 m2 vaulted “lamione” equipped with a bathtub inside the bedroom and a panoramic window… more

Cave 18 | Classic Room


A comfortable 35 m2 cave with a shower housed in a recess only accessible through a small flight of steps. It allows for a pleasant.. more

Cave 17 | Classic Room


This cosy 35 m2 cave with a bathtub in the night area ensures a pleasant and genuinely romantic experience… more

Cave 16 | Superior Room


A comfortable and well-lit 45 m2 cave equipped with a bathtub and lavatories housed in a wide….more

Cave 15 | Superior Room

grotta 15 matera

A wide and well-lit 70 m2 cave with a bathtub next to the king size bed and a shower housed in an excavated tuff stone recess…. more

Cave 14 | Suite


This spectacular and evocative 70 m2 cave is an impressive example of how a typical dwelling of the Sassi… more

Cave 12 | Superior Room


A fanciful and romantic 70 m2 cave with a private small gate. A spectacular arch divides the night zone from the other area,… more

Cave 11 | Superior Room


A romantic and wide 65 m2 cave with a bathtub in a cosy recess you can access by walking up a few steps… more

Cave 10 | Suite


An evocative 140 m2 cave. A wide “grottone” (big cave) houses the king size bed and the living area… more

Cave 9 | Superior Room

grotta matera

A cosy 70 m2 cave featuring a third bed, a wide and bright living area and a bathtub next to the king size bed… more

Cave 8 | Executive Suite


An imposing and spectacular 160 m2 cave with a wide layout. It features 7 m high walls and two large adjoining “Groton” (big caves)… more

Cave 7 | Superior Room

Grotta matera

A romantic 45 m2 cave equipped with a bathtub next to the king size bed. A front door made with centuries-old woods marks the lavatory area,…more

Cave 13 | Executive Suite

Better known as the Bridal Suite, this is the only multi-level cave: its 80 m2 surface is split into a lodged night zone with a big window… more

Cave 6 | Superior Room


A 45 m2 cave inside an ancient “neighbourhood” cot, with a well-lit living area and whitewashed walls… more

Cave 4 | Executive Suite

matera suite

A spectacular 130 m2 cave with a linear depth layout. Past the wide living area equipped with a king size bed… more

Cave 3 | Superior Room


A charming 70 m2 cave with big vaults, a cosy living area lit by a skilfully hand-wrought glass window,… more



At Sextantio Albergo Diffuso Le Grotte della Civita it’s possible book in advance the whole XIII Century Church … more


grotta cella monastero

The reception staff welcomes you in a cave, at one time a cell of a Benedictine monastery…more

The underground caves are the rooms and suites of Sextantio in Matera

“The restoration works involved the most ancient part of the Sassi, the Civita, almost exclusively characterized by caves, some of them quite sizable, overlooking the Gravina, with very few notable architectural features.
A place of a particularly exceptional scenic value between Via Civita and Via Conservatorio, near the Churches of St. Nicholas of the Greeks and Madonna of the Virtues.”


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