I Sassi di Matera “Habitation Experience”

sassi matera

I Sassi di Matera need planning in consideration of the exceptionality of this heritage.

The human use of these caves has been extremely articulated during the past ages: from protohistoric Bronze Age civilization to the monastic communities, from agricultural and pastoral ways of life to metropolitan marginality. The judged value of these places and the life they experienced: a national shame became a human heritage needing to be passed on to the next generation.



These places, caves hewn for human habitation, with a strong ancestral call. Sextantio realized a unique cultural project preserving the primeval stones and caves’ essence with extreme accuracy while conserving the original site.

Le Grotte della Civita includes 18 Cave rooms, reception and the Rock church “Cripta della Civita” (breakfast room), located in the most ancient Sassi area facing the Murgia National Park. The project aimed at preserving the integral conservation of the original site and its promiscuous use, from religious rituals to the daily agricultural and pastoral subsistence.


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