Traces of life


I Sassi di Matera (Cave dwellings) are a special case. Their origins are unique.

Human beings have lived here for millennia: from the stone age, to monastic orders, to subsistence farmers and shepherd communities.



The history of the Sassi is one of contrasting fortunes: from the so-called “national shame” of the former squalor of the Sassi, to their resurgence as a UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITE, preserved for future generations. Today these excavated cave houses can give voice to the past via a bold and determined plan to conserve their origins.


“Traces of life in the fabric of the building,
recalling the generations who have lived and worked here.”

The compelling beauty and breathtaking setting of many historic southern italian hill towns, combined with their local traditions, make them an ideal destination for international tourism. For visitors who enjoy their history mixed with a magnificent landscape rich with sights, scents and sounds, the ancient hill towns of the Mediterranean are an ideal destination.



  • National Park
  • Walking / Trekking / Cycling
  • Guided Tours
  • Horseriding Tours
  • Picnic
  • Local Wine tasting / Wine tasting excursions
  • Seaside excursions
  • Bread and cheese making lessons
  • Cookery courses


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